Customize embedded channel layout

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So, we can embed channels into other webpages and make them responsive. Currently, all I can see when I embed one is all the videos go on one horizontal line that sizes to fit the page and has navigation. Is there any way to specify using multiple lines? Or Show All videos with no paging?


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We are looking into what other options we can expose on channel embed and the stream webpart in SharePoint for a channel. 

Can you give us a little more details on what you'd like to do, what the scenario is, etc?


"Multiple lines" do you mean make the channel show more than 1 row of videos? How are you wanting to use this?


"Show all videos with no paging" - Are you not wanting a next/previous buttons or arrows, but want a scroll bar down the side to continuously show more videos? How are you wanting to use this?

Specifically speaking, we're embedding Stream objects into an on premise SP'13 environment. We're still over a year out of being ready to migrate fully to O365...

What I'd like to see is the ability to customize the channel embed options further. Currently if I have a channel with 20 videos and embed that channel into a page, depending on screen size, it will show 4 videos and then paging buttons to cycle through the videos.

I would like to see an option that would allow me to show all available videos in a single iframe without paging. I would also like to see more channel controls for people to sort/filter/search within that embedded channel. I'm currently relying on a custom js search box to shunt people to the Stream search results page.