Creating a folder/subfolder system in Stream

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Hi there, I am looking to upload a large amount of videos to an Office 365 service as part of our plan to migrate our onsite media drive into the cloud, these videos span multiple years and are used for marking/moderation. They are currently separated by folders which is an effective way to categorise them without needing to manually tag anything, but I am unable to see any way to create a hierarchy that would work for us in Stream. I was initially using a SharePoint picture library but many of the files are .MTS which are incompatible. They do work with Stream and Office 365 video though. Any thoughts on how I should proceed here?

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Microsoft Stream has groups & channels for organization which should provide some flexibility in finding a suitable structure:


Overview of groups & channels




"There are lots of ways to grant permissions and organize videos in Microsoft Stream. With the combination of companywide channels, groups, and channels within groups, you can customize Microsoft Stream to be just right for sharing your videos."

Cian is correct, we only have the groups > channels to organize videos in Stream. You could do something with #hashtags in the description to have a bit more virtual organization within the groups>channels, but that really isn't what you are looking for. Sorry.


I answered on your other thread too:

Thanks for your response Marc, good info.