Closed captions

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I've uploaded a .vvt file along with my video but when I play the video back it says 'Closed captions off' - can't see a way for users to turn closed captions on (or any guidance on adding/using closed captions)?  Any help much appreciated!

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I've now just found the answer!  Click the language rather than toggle Closed Captions...

Just curious - did you find the buttons difficult to understand of locate?  Any feedback on the placement of the buttons specifically?

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I knew which button to use to find the options, but from using other video steaming services (YouTube, Screencast and our inhouse video streaming portal) I'm used to toggling the CC or closed caption option on/off rather than clicking a different option i.e. English (initially I assumed that was just infoming me of the language and didnt attempt to select it).

I would agree closed captioning is not an experience that the average person is used too. The two menus is very confusing. I wonder if this will be an enhancement in the NEW Stream. I think it would help the experience tremendously.