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I have noticed a few threads making mention of timing issues with autogenerated closed captioning. Most of the videos I am uploading are experiencing similar issues where the subtitles come in a good 15 seconds early, and it throws the entire transcript out.


There is an option to edit the text, but not the timing. Is this something that has been remedied and I am just missing the option? Or is it an issue native to the platform? Obviously, downloading and manually editing the VTT file is the least desirable option.

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Hi @BradW84

I have been involved in some of these threads. What I was wondering is whether turning the captions off and back on resolves this because they ought to regenerate. To do this

1.) Edit the video and uncheck the caption file and save. This should make the caption file disapear
2.) Edit again, and check the caption file and save.

This should take a while to autogenerate the file again. I was wondering whether this would improve it, but I myself haven't had this issue and no one has confirmed back. If it doesn't I will flag some of the team to draw attention to this

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard. Just tried this. Unfortunately, it seems to just re-generate the same timestamps.



Thanks for confirming. @Marc Mroz or team we have had a number of cases recently being flagged of transcripts being out of sync with the video. Is there a defined solution to combat this? Regenerating the transcript does not work, neither does reuploading the video.


@BradW84 a response from the team make take some time. I would also advise to do the following


1.) Raise a support ticket through the Office/Microsoft 365 admin portal

2.) Raise a support ticket through Stream via


Hope that answers your question so you can escalate whilst waiting for the team's response


Best, Chris