Channels not appearing in SharePoint

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I have made some companywide channels in Microsoft Stream but when I add them to SharePoint pages using the Stream web part, people cannot see the channel and it gives them the following message:


Corona vid article .jpg

When I replace the channel link with links to the individual videos, users can view the videos fine but the channel is still not loading.

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Same thing happening at my agency this morning.  I have not tried individual files as our MS Stream library contains ALL our training videos.


Hope to get this addressed today as we have many lining up to watch a recent training vid series posted.

Yeah ill leave my comment here got same problem this week. Single vids works too, Are you solving it with microsoft? I am considering creating ticket.
I've submitted to my enterprise group waiting on their response. I'd say yes to submitting ticket to MS too. We depend on this MS stream functionality to serve our clients.
Same problem, was working yesterday morning, now it's dead.

Same issue occurred from morning.
Till yesterday night it was working as expected.
I found some errors in browser regarding some java script stuffs.

@jonathan_lhpI have the problem with an channel added as a Teams tab too.



At the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, we have exactly the same problem (during exam period)....

I'm building a PowerApp and using the Stream add-in there pointed to a channel.  I'm seeing the same issue in the published app.  Channel doesnt work.  Single Video does.   When I'm editing the power app and testing, either the channel or the single video both work.  So strange...

@jonathan_lhp Having the same issue as you.

@jonathan_lhp Same issue! Not working in both SharePoint and Teams as Tab for Channels. Been a few days now. 



Have you found a resolution?  


I got the same issue, for a quick soultion you can add it as a Website, that works for me.




@jonathan_lhp  - If I am logged into Stream in a browser and then refresh the page with the web part, it displays the contents. It seems like it can't show the contents if I am not logged into Stream first?



Yes, It's working...I added a new tab, logged in, and I see the videos through the new website tab and through the old stream channel too... (so, now it is doubbled :) )

@Oliver__Szabo Solved, it works now.