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After using Video, I'm a bit confused trying out Stream.


Is it correct that it is not possible anymore to set security on channel level?


We are a college university, some courses are using sensitive privacy related video's, limiting channels to class groups is mandatory. WIll this be possible in stream?


I tried setting security on a video but I was unable to use O365 groups, should this be possible?





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Hi @BartVermeersch,


If you mean permissions set based on channel, currently it is not available, but would be added soon.

There is an idea submited on this already, with the status changed to Planned:

Channel based permissions


In addition, for Video security, Office 365 group is available to use here. Please take a try to configure the Privacy settings:

understand privacy settings

Change the privacy settings to Custom, then under the Shared With box, type the Office 365 group that you would like to share this video.



Thanks! looking forward to channel security.


Adding O365 groups is still not possible for me, only groups synced from our AD are resolved properly. Entering the name of an O365 group is not resolved and is not added after applying.

@Bart Vermeersch - Since we migrated your older post to the new forum, I just wanted to update you that the O365 Groups and private channel support we were talking about is now avaialble in Stream as of GA (6/20/17).


Take a look at these help articles to explain more...

@Marc Mroz Can you please let me know if these links are still active?  I'm having trouble using these.