Changing MS Stream Login in Teams

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I have Teams accounts for multiple organizations. (Which Teams for desktop is truly hopeless at managing.)

When I log into one of my accounts on the Windows desktop app, the Microsoft Stream account that I am logged into remains that of another organization making it impossible for me to use any of the video recording features or to access videos previously recorded from within Teams. How can I force a change of login to Stream so that it is the same as the current Teams login?


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@roybat I do not fully understand the question. When you change the account, Teams and Stream (inside Teams) use the same account. When you only change the tenant, have your main account and you are a guest in an other tenant, then Teams can do this switch, Stream can´t! Stream is currently not ready for guests.

Or do you have the Teams desktop client an you are trying Stream in browser. That is not clear for me.

@Tomislav KarafilovThank you for your reply.

Apparently Stream inside Teams does not always use the same account. I am using the desktop client and I change it between two different workplace accounts, however Stream does not change back but is stuck logged into one of the accounts. The result is that when I am logged into my main Teams account any attempt to open a video in Stream opens the other Stream account and the videos cannot be found.

Specifically when I am in teams with my email address and click on any video my Stream account opens and however many times I log out of that Stream account I cannot get it to connect to the correct account from within Teams. This problem has been noted by many others but no-one has replied so I am most grateful for your reply.

@roybat Exactly the same is happening for me. It is so frustrating. Is there not a way to get rid of this problem?

It is simple.
Got to browser settings, then open site cookies, search for Microsoft Stream and clear all cookies for that site.
Taa daa.
U can now have the login screen with saved accounts.