Change owner of a video?

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Two questions:


1. Is it possible to change the owner of a video in Stream? That is, change ownership of a video from person A to person B.


2. How does Stream handle when a user quits, can you easily transfer the videos to another user?

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Hi @ferlin,


Good questions.

CUrrently it is not available for Microsoft Stream to change the owner, but we could share it with others, currently.




For question 2, Microsoft Stream allows Admin to manage content and permissions.

 If you are a Stream Admin, you will see the Edit in admin mode menu item for all videos (even if you are not the owner of that video).

Check the article below for more details:

Admin capabilites in Microsoft Stream




As of 6/20/17 with Stream GA, you can do both of these things.

1. You can have more than one owner of a video in Stream now. See help docs on permissions:


2. If a user quits, the Stream admin can go into any videos for that user and change the info including permissons/ownership of the video. 

@Marc Mroz what will happen with the video if uploader quits, but video belong to the group with multiple owners?

  1. Will video be viewable to users?
  2. Will owners be able to update video details?



If i have the URL of the video, I can change the owner in admin mode.

But what if I don't have the URL? 

I would like the change the owner of all the videos someone has published and that is now gone from the company.

Can I search per user? I am not seeing anyhing...


As an admin, you can run the Mange User Data report found under Admin Settings, which will give you all the info per user.  Does that help?  @Florent Taugourdeau 

@anonymous-user   - I am looking to change via Powershell... I have 4 users' content that needs to be replaced by another user.... it is very strange that MSFT doesn't have a way to achieve this.

I agree, at least a way via PowerShell would be nice to have. So far I'm not finding any solution to change the original owner of a video to a new name. Do you have an update to this by any chance? Thanks.