Cannot create Channels


Whenever I go to create a Channel, the "create" button is grayed out.  Any thoughts on why this might be?

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Are you the owner of the Team? Owners can restrict members of Teams to not be able to create channels.
I'm the admin on our 365 tenant, yet I'm also not able to create a channel. It's a brand new tenant and all default settings are in place.

@DavidZam - Is this what you are seeing?

That the "Create" button is grey'd out? 


I'll be filing a live site issue for this as I can reproduce the problem myself in a test tenant. If you have some other issue, feel free to open a support ticket. 

In my test tenant, after I make a new Group in Stream, then the create channel dialog works correctly. @DavidZam  can you try that as well? Make a group, and then go back and make a channel and see if that fixes it for you?