Cancel/OK button does not perform as expected


Guys, to understand this problem try to reproduce you will know it better.

Choose an uploaded video which is having Subtitles in it - as an owner of the video, try to edit the subtitle file. Click delete on a particular language file and then click CANCEL.
The operation was cancelled by you, right ... but what happens in background is that the VTT format subtitle file has got DELETED :(  sad.  Ideally that VTT file should have been marked for deletion instead of directly deleting it. It should have got deleted only when clicked on OK button in page. The CANCEL button should have ideally retained the VTT file - since I cancelled the operation.
There is no point having 2 buttons (Ok & Cancel) - when both do the same actions.  You may try other way too. Upload a VTT file and click on CANCEL - it still gets uploaded !!!.  Why did get uploaded when I cancelled the upload ??

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