Can the pop-up box asking the person to view the Company Policy link be customized?

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We've had a request from someone in our InfoSec department asking for us to modify the screen that asks the person to view the company policy link for videos before uploading the first time. I will admit I think this is more of an opinion than a requirement, as there are no reasons for why asking for them to click on the link (and also providing the link every time they upload) is not enough. In addition to wording changes, he also wants a checkbox to check every time before uploading, but I'm definitely not going for that...


So at the basic level, can that screen be customized, or is it something that is not exposed via the UI and/or PowerShell?


(I'm hoping the answer is "no, it cannot be customized")

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Basically is a service provided by Microsoft that does not allow for now any kind of customizations so you have to use as it might happen that in the future we will have some extensibility options but this is something we don't know Today
Thank you... that's the answer I was looking for.