Can't sign up into Microsoft Stream

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An customer who uses O365 E1 wants to try using the ?Microsoft Stream?.

However, facing on an error as following:

Cannot complete sign up.

Signing up to Microsoft Stream is turned off by the IT department, please contact the IT department to complete the sign up.

Could you please provide us how to enable stream access by the customer admin?




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Hi @Takuro,


The following article should be helpful.

Enable Microsoft Stream for everyone in the organization



Hi Michael,

Thank you for your advice!

I'll try.


Many thanks,


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Hi Takuro,
Sorry about the delay. From the error you described it looks like the admin has turned OFF signups to adhoc subscription. You will need the IT admin to run the following powershell command to enable signup

Set-MsolCompanySettings -AllowEmailVerifiedUsers $true

Hi Ashish,

I really appreciate your support!

The error has been solved and Microsoft Stream was able to be used successfully.


Thank you,