Can't select "autogenerate a caption file"

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I uploaded a video to Stream using English subtitles.  I want to change the transcript to Spanish.  Under details, I changed the Video Language to Spanish.  Under Options, I changed the captions to Spanish.  However, I'm unable to check the box to "Autogenerate a caption file."  People is turned on.  When I save my updates, the transcript and closed captions continue to display in English.  Why is the "autogenerate a caption file" field inactive?  Thank you!  I'm new to Stream.  This is my first upload.  I've since uploaded a total of three videos.  The other videos are set to Spanish.  I'm stuck on this one.  It's an Mp4 file, in case that's helpful.  

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Make sure you have enabled Enable autogenerated captions for your video

Please refer the below link for more info.



I’ve seen this before, there should be two ways to fix this

1.) Turn people off and uncheck the enable box and save. Then edit again and turn both on

2.) Delete the video then Re-upload with the Spanish language options as you did with the other two videos.

1 doesn’t always work but 2 should definitely resolve it.

Best, Chris