Can't see embedded Stream video in-line in Yammer IOS app.

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Though the embedded Stream videos work great in Yammer desktop site, when seeing the same post in Yammer IOS app, can't see the videos in-line. The user needs to click the link that takes them to Stream portal and they can view it.


Is this something being addressed? Maybe Yammer IOS app update is due??

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Hi Bhavik,


please check this thread. Stream inline play does not work in the mobile app yet and the product teams are apparently working on it. I'm also keeping an eye on this as it is one of the main requirements for Stream/Yammer in our organization.

We've identified how to make Stream videos play in the Yammer app, we are working with the Yammer team to see when they can make changes on their side to support it.


@Saili Raje is the PM from our team working on these issues for SSO in the various mobile apps.

thanks Marc. @Bhavik Shah as Igor said, Yammer inline is not supported in the mobile app today. The SSO work has been done in the Stream side but the Yammer work has been prioritized no later than Q3. If you have more questions, I'd be happy to get you in contact with the right people on the yammer side. feel free to email me directly at