Can subscripts/superscripts be added to Microsoft Stream captions?

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I am currently producing some Engineering tutorial videos on Microsoft Stream, and I am struggling to add appropriate WebVTT captions for mathematical content.

The main difficulty is that subscripts and superscripts are very important in making mathematical expressions unambiguous, and yet I can't find an obvious way to do this in WebVTT. Is it even possible, or should I give up?

As a simple example, I have tried:


00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:10.000
Test rendering of <i>italics</i>, and sub<sub>scripts</sub>

Italics render fine, but subscripts don't. This is expected, because the MDN documentation doesn't list support for the <sub> tag.

I also attempted to add a custom CSS class, but Microsoft Stream doesn't appear to support it. I tried a very basic styling of all cues as below (just to see if styling works at all, rather than specifically setting subscripts/superscripts). It appears to have no effect.


::cue {
color: red;

00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:10.000
Test styling

Any suggestions for workarounds?

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