Bug with stream webpart on sharepoint site shown as tab in teams

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So, I'm not sure if this belongs in the Stream, Sharepoint or Teams forums, but I'll give it a try here!


We're in the process of implementing Office365 in our environment, and have created a team in Teams for support and training.


We're producing instructional videos for Teams (which is our main focus to begin with), and I thought I'd give Stream a try instead of the good ol' youtube.


I've encountered two issues so far:

1) Video does not scale back when returning from full screen when we view videos in a stream tab in Teams.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open stream tab
  • Press play on a video
  • Press button for full screen in the lower right corner, or double click video
  • Exit full screen

Result: Video is still at "full scale", can't see the progress bar or any of the buttons at the bottom of the video. Image below.


Stream tab.JPG


2) Making a stream video go full screen on a SharePoint page in a teams tab just ends up wrong

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a SharePoint page
  • Add stream web part with single video or channel
  • Add created SharePoint page as a tab in Teams
  • Open tab, press play on a video
  • Press full screen button in the lower right corner of video, or double click on video

Result: The whole tab/SharePoint page goes full screen, the video stays at the same size, but the rest fills with black. Image below.


Stream sharepoint.JPG


I tried googling around, but could not find anyone with similar issues.

Any Ideas? Or should we just resort to YouTube for the time being?



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