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@Marc MrozIs Internet Explorer supported for Stream? it is not listed on

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We support IE11 for Stream. We should update that document.

Are you seeing issues on IE11?

Not so much IE, but some with Chrome and we are trying to troubleshoot. 

Let us know if there is anything we can help with (either here or DM).

what about other versions of IE? IE 10,9,8,7?

We aren't supporting older version of IE, just IE 11. 

Stream embed in IE 11 does not work for me.  I am using a content editor web part on a SharePoint publishing page.  I am referencing a txt file  in the CEWP.  The txt file has the embed code from Stream.  It does not render in IE 11.  It does render in Chrome and Firefox.

I'm not sure exactly what you are seeing. What does it look like when it doesn't render? Is it possible it's just showing the login/signup buttons, but you can't ever login? If so that's a trusted sites / IE internet zones issue. See this post:

that FAQ document still needs to be updated :)

Thanks for the reminder. I just submitted the change to add IE11 to the list. Hoping our writers can approve my change and get it merged in soon.

Why there is no support for Firefox? Does someone notice trouble with it?

Hi Marc,


In Internet Explorer 11 I'm seeing a login prompt for Stream on a SPO page as below even though I'm already signed in to O365, but in Firefox and Chrome the video's are embedded. I don't see a login prompt in Firefox or Chrome. When I try to login to IE11, a pop-up appears (url: but the only option here is to close the window. Any ideas?


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We are experiencing issues viewing Streams using IE 11 but not Google Chrome.


IE 11 Version 11.0.65


Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)



The thumbnail of the video renders with the Stream arrows showing a continuous loop. Clicking on the thumbnail does not start the video nor anything.




Please advise.



This issue is now resolved for me - video's are embedded via IE :)

Hi, I also would like to know why Firefox is not supported? It works on my Win 10 device and haven't heard anything else from my customers.

@Marc Mroz: That Firefox is supported for Office 365 but not for stream is confusing.

Stream embed in IE 11 is not working for me also.  I am using a content editor web part on a SharePoint page and added the embed code from Stream.  It's not rendering in IE 11.  It does render in Chrome and Firefox. Can you please tell me how did you resolve the issue?

Go into Developer Mode, change your settings and test.  Most likely it's Document Mode in your SPO instance and IE 10 setting won't work, something like that.

Thanks for your quick response. I have resolved the issue.