broken recording at Streams

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There's a recording I made of  a Power Point presentation in MS Teams. When I click it in Streams, I always get the black screen with "something's gone wrong" message. Is there any possibility of fixing it?

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Hi @tatiana_larina, sorry to hear this.  It is possible there is a temporary issue as we are dealing with extraordinary load in this time period and the video may play back successfully.  However in this case the best thing to do is file a ticket for support as shown here.  

Requesting support.JPG

@garrettbronnerThanks, but when I click question mark, I see no option to "file a ticket" - just a series of help articles. I sent a report through "send a bug" form (under the smiley face in the upper right corner), but I'm not sure if it works the same as filing a ticket.

Thanks @tatiana_larina in that case I would suggest you also ask your microsoft office admin to file a ticket?