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Hi, Is it possible to brand stream with our company domain name?  We would like to brand as instead of using  Additionally we would like to use our corporate logos and colors.  Is this possible?

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Sorry neither of those are possible with Stream.


We have no plans to add support for vanity / custom domains ( at this time.


Corporate logo/colors isn't at the top of our list but has come up every now and then. You could vote on / add your comments on this idea which is similiar:




The link above doesn't work: "An invalid set of parameters has been specified in the url". 


So I will "vote" here.


I will have trouble moving our internal corporate videos to a site that only reads: "Microsoft".  I get why customer branding is not at the top of your list; it's useful for Microsoft.  But it's not so useful for us.   Even Youtube gives us more branding alternatives.... and my stakeholders love that service.  That is your competition.


Therefore, it would be important for us to get our logo or colors in the banner, just the way we can in 0365.  Please prioritize.



I updated the idea link above, not sure why it was cut off.


Just an update on organizational branding on the top of Stream...

We've been able to move this up in priority due to customer feedback. We've assigned a developer to start working on this soon. However, we don't have a date we can promise but are hoping to have it ready in CY2018 Q1 or Q2. 


We will be adopting the O365 suite top navigation bar in Stream. When we do this the branding (logo, colors, URL) you set in O365 Admin will show up on top of Stream just like it does for other O365 services.


Here is mockup of the direction we are heading:

Stream side bar with O365 Header.png