Blank page Microsoft Stream

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Many users of our educational environment are reporting that they cannot access Microsoft Stream. We have tried different browsers, Chrome, Safari and fireforx and the result is a blank page.


Any Idea?

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here also had the same problem...any idea how to fix it? @Gerard Fernàndez Gancedo 

Hi @Gerard Fernàndez Gancedo , some academy users reported me the same issue two days ago. However I have tried in my computer with the credentials of one usar that has the issue and it works well. Perhaps a recent update in some Antivirus that it blocks the Stream page?

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@Gerard Fernàndez Gancedo In what language do you have the browser? Catalan? change to english or spanish

@josepdalmau  Thank you! I was going crazy :)

@josepdalmau I already have it in English is there something else that you can recommend?

@josepdalmau it worsk, I tried everything, but this was the solution. Thanks.

It worked for me too. This is really annoying !
I have Catalan as language on my browser, changed it to English, nothing happened, than changed it to Spanish, it worked! Now microsoftstream is up and running
Why? Any reason for this?
I truly don't get it.