Avoid having to download and upload videos into Stream

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I believe I am using Stream Classic on 365 and we want to be able to import videos either from a SharePoint site or from OneDrive via Sharing etc.


We have tried various ways of getting the file dialog box to try and grab the file, each time it appears to have located the file but unable to import. I did wonder if this is a permissions issue but I don't think it is.


As we appear to be stuck using Stream Classic, please could I ask someone to point me in the right direction for guidance on how to do this ? today, google is not helping.


Many thanks.



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We don't have any plans to support this scenario sorry... We are actively trying to build all the video things as fast as we can in SharePoint so you don't have to move videos out of SP to Stream (Classic).

@Marc Mroz 


Hi, thanks for advising. I suspected that would be the case.