Audit of Views for a Stream video


Hi guys,

I have a user who requested to send her list of users who watched Stream video (it's a training video).

I've opened an MS Stream admin center, found the video but it is only showing me a "number of views" for this particular video.

I've also tried through the "Audit log". In "audit log" I've chosen:

for activity: viewed video

start date: 25.05.2020

end date: 08.06.2020

the issue is I don't know what to put under "file, folder, site".

Is it the name of the video or link from MS Stream location?




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@DiVojich  I have checked this:

1. Export the result to Excel and filter the AuditData colum using the video URL or ResourceTitle

2. Copy the "URL" of the video into "file, folder, site" (<GUID>)


You can get the video URL by clicking in the result view to open the details and use the "Object ID" or the "Resource URL".