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I'm uploading a set of training videos and I'd like them to be presented in order. I'm putting them in a specific channel but the sort options on the channel don't seem to have a way to do that.


Either a Playlist or the ability to sort by name in a channel would be helpful

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Hi @sysnickm,


Thanks for the suggestions.

Currently the Sort by function seems to be only useful for the following remarks:

For watchlist:



For Channels:



Would the Publish Date, or the Added Date helps here?

For sort by name, please consider submit it as an idea in the Microsoft Stream idea forum:



Publish and Added don't work in this situation because of a few reasons. When uploading videos in bulk, the may be added or published out of order, also, if I need to make a change to a video and publish a new version, or add a new video into the list, this wouldn't work.


Thanks for getting back to me, I did submit this as a idea as well.

Hi @sysnickm,


Thanks for the feedback.

If you have any further questions regarding Microsoft Stream usage, then please post back in forums.


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FYI.. if others are interested in us adding playlists to Stream, add your votes and comments to this idea in the Stream ideas forum:

Agreed with adding a playlist option. We use Stream for a training videos and need a way to present them in sequential order or by by Title.

Same Feeback. Being able to order videos is a must for training. I need it too. 

Me and my team in the company have been facing the same problem. We need to show Training videos by name. No solution so far.

Many of us have visited Stream Ideas and added our vote for playlists, but apparently MS don't care. It has been upvoted 281 times in fact, but that doesn't matter even though the MS folk tell us to us that is the right place to add ideas and to vote on them they are not paying attention.

I have spent a lot of time and effort taking my organisation on a Microsoft centered journey but this particular issue makes me quite angry, to the point where I am now actively looking at other streaming services that will provide this most basic of features.

I would like this feature - drag handles to set the order is a fairly standard feature! I tried removing items from the channel and then re-adding them in the order desired but this didn't work either. 


Streams is stuck with the publishing order it seems, and I don't want to have to delete and re-publish every video! It does make it harder to do a batch upload as the UI doesn't make sequential publishing straightforward.