Are there any plans to provide content management tools for Stream?

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I don't see anything on the roadmap, so I am not holding my breath - but here is where we will struggle with Stream in terms of ECM:

Storage - It's nice that I can see my overall usage, but I have no idea who or what channels and videos are using that storage.  Would like to at least see how much storage is being used per channel.

Teams (Storage part 2) - Now that we have the ability to save every meeting to Stream (and despite the effort to reduce the size of those recordings), our storage is going to be consumed very quickly. 

Expiration - We'd like to be able to retire unused or old videos like some other 3rd-party products can (and like we could in SharePoint)

Moving Content - I know you are re-jigging the channel architecture so this could be a moving target, but sometimes videos need to be moved to the right channel.  It would be nice for the admins to have that ability.


Are there any firm plans to address any of these right now?


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These are all very good points. Especially with Teams and recording our meetings. 500gb might fill up really fast.

For storage reporting - we don't have anything planned on that in the next 2 quarters. But if this does raise up as a higher priority we can revisit and see what we should do.


For expiration - we are starting high level discussions with the information protection teams including teams that own how retention works in O365. We don't know quite yet how we'd integrate or leverage their systems but we have a goal in the next quarter or 2 to understand a path there.


For moving content - An admin can actually move videos into other groups/channels, change permissions, change metadata about the video. Anyone who is a Stream admin can if they can see the video in Stream can click  "... > edit in admin mode", which will allow them to make changes as if they  owned the video.


If the admin can't see the video in stream and someone sends the admin a link to the video they can elevate from there as well, see the video and then edit it.

OK - I knew we could edit a video, but didn't see that we could move it to a new Channel/ I'll check that out - thanks.

I'm glad to hear you are working with the O365 team on retention - at least that'll mean there is a single place to make settings. Just make sure they have the ability to retire content based on the last time something was viewed.

And storage - That will become super-urgent for people when they run out of space. Hopefully that wont happen to us in the next Q so your timeline may be ok for us, however I suspect some others may be reaching out to you in a panic before then.