Adding Forms into Stream

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Hi. I just put in three Forms as Interactivity in a Stream-movie, at timelines 0:24, 1:50 and 2:57. When I open the movie, they are all placed at the beginning of the movie (0:00, 0:01 and 0:02). What do I do wrong? I follow this instrucition


Edit: I found out that if I do this in Edge, there's no problem. It seems to be a problem in Chrome.

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In Stream, on the My Content menu, click Videos, and select the video. On the Interactivity tab, click +Add New. To create the form in Forms, click the tool tip next to Form URL, and then click Go to Microsoft Forms. The form opens in a new browser tab.


I've had exactly the same problem. My forms are placed on 0:03 and 0:05, regardless of where I had them placed initially. It happens after I refresh the video, and this happens both in Chrome and Edge.