Adding a Power Point slide deck to an uploaded video in Stream

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Hello everyone,

My company would like to include a file that pertains to the uploaded video we just shared in Stream.  For example, for the training video we uploaded, which includes a Power Point slide deck, we'd like to make the file available for team members to download.

Is this yet possible?

Or maybe simply embed a link to another location to where they can download the file?

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I don't believe this is currently possible, however in Stream you can create Office 365 Groups - so for all the videos inside that group you could upload the slides to the document library and then link to it from the video description.

As Loryan Strant  mentioned above, we don't have a full feature around this. But if you do put your file into SPO/Group/ODB or any other place, you can add a clickable hyperlink to that file in the description of the video.


When you are editing the description of the video, just paste the hyperlink in there. When users view your video that link will be clickable.


Here's an example where I linked to the slides from a meeting we recorded...Link in description.png