Added a form to a video and it won't load on an Ipad or Iphone during the video


Did anyone else have this same problem, and do you know how to fix?  I already figured out how to fix the problem with the cookies being able to get the video to play on an Ipad, that was already a problem.  Now I can't get the form to load. 

Thank you !!

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@bsample I have the same problem. I also found the way to about the cookies issue but the form doesn't load. Just for now, hoping that in the future the problem will be solved, I added in the video description the link to the form and the visitors can click on it, a new window opens in the browser with the form and they can fill it. This is the solution I've come up. Maybe it can help you too.

I am having this issue. As well. I've uploaded a video to SharePoint. copied the link into Forms. video does not play on iOS devices. Plays on Android and PC.