'Add Video to Channel' not working

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In the My Videos listing, there is functionality to add a video to a channel - is apparently not working. See the embedded image: I do, in fact, have a channel that begins with 'M,' yet the system doesn't find the channel.











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Month later have the same issue. What can be the root cause / solution?

I haven't seen that in my own testing, so I'm not quite sure what's going on.


Could you put in a support ticket for this one so we could do some troubleshooting on it. If support can't figure it out they can escalate it up to the product group and we can have an engineer take a look.


Sorry you are running into this problem.



I have the same problem. I am completely unable to add any of my videos to the channel that I have created.

Searching for the channel always shows "no results", no matter what I search for.



I have exactly same problem. Any solutions?

The only thing I can think of is.... 

Was the channel you created a "Companywide channel"? 

If so you can only add videos that have the "everyone in your company can view" check box checked. If you don't have that checked you can't add that video to a "companywide channel".


If that is the case you should look into making your channels inside of a Group which allows you to have private / scoped permissions at the group level. 



That interesting, thanks for following up Mark.
I will check this out.
Thanks Mark. It works just like you described. It tested both ways and works fine for me. Although UI could be more intuitive..

Feel free to pass on feedback here on what we could change/improve to make it more intuitive. We know we need to revamp the whole permissions UI and how it relates to Groups/Channels, so would love to hear ideas/feedback.

Exactly same issue, not able to use the functionality. Don't want to download so many videos and upload to channel

I am unable to add videos to a channel.  I search for the channel and it shows nothing.  The channel is not a company wide channel and the videos are definitely in my content but it is not working.  There seems to be a flaw somewhere.


@Nick HasselbladI was having the same issue for a while and I finally figured out what was happening with me.  I had created a Companywide channel but had not assigned it to any group.  As soon as I created a Group and then created a Channel for that group, voila I was able to upload videos to that channel.  There is also another post about being able to associate a current channel to a new group but that functionality does not appear to exist at this time.  Therefore, I had to create a new channel and  move all of my videos to this new channel.  I have now deleted the original channel.

I'm having this issue right now. Other videos can be added to a channel just fine, but there is one in the middle of uploading that I can't add to a channel. Groups/Users work and show up in the search just fine, but no channels are returned by the search. It's possible it's related to the video being in an uploading state, but the error message is "no channel exists" and not "please wait."  So something is amiss....

I think I figured it out, it's related to the "visible to all company" topic that is mentioned above. If you want to add a video to a channel, and that channel is visible to all company and your video is not, then the search will erroneously tell you "no channel exists." You must first make the video visible to everyone (or presumably the same set of people as the channel is visible to?), and then the search will behave correctly.


It would have helped if the error message was accurate, something like "no channels with correct permissions found" or better yet, include the channel and say "adding to this channel requires making the video visible to the entire company, proceed?"

@JohnB1190 Similar problem here... But I read all the threads and still can't figure it out.
I can't see why this is the only video that cant be added to the channel since it has the same settings as the others.

I'm so incredibly frustrated by this problem... This is causing me hours of extra work in a time when I can't spare a few minutes.

Apparently, if you want to upload videos to a channel, you can't use the upload button on the channel, you instead have to look for a section under the header with an easily ignored "Drag more files anywhere, or select more files to upload". This is crazy unintuitive, even for Microsoft.