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we have few videos those were recorded by one of my team member and who is no longer with Microsoft and we are unable to access those videos. Could you please help me to get access to those videos?




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Stream videos aren’t deleted when a user who was the original owner/recorder/uploader of those videos leaves. This is because after record/upload the tenant owns the videos unless an owner explicitly deletes them!

See article here

You will need to reach out to a stream admin in order to get them to either add you as an owner or add an owner to that video and add it to a group/channel you are a member of.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for the response. Quick check I am unable to find the contact info for stream admin. Do you have any pointers to reach them out?




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Hmm. Is there an internal support desk or internal support team which manages your Office 365 tenant? They would be the people to direct too. Obviously, Microsoft is a pretty large organisation so I couldn’t say which Team that actually was. However they would need to be Stream Admin or Global Admin to be able to do it.

Maybe worth reaching out your end to Mark Mroz or Vishal Sood your end who are right up there in the Stream Team who may know who this is.

Hope that answers things!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks you, this helps me a lot.