Upload Video from Sharepoint

Upload Video from Sharepoint



 Nov 17 2017
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In the plans

We have a collection of training videos in our SharePoint for anyone who wants to watch.

What we would like to have is the ability to upload a video to Stream by selecting an existing file in SharePoint. Exactly like Planner can add files to a task either by uploading them from your computer or by selecting a file from SP.


This would be great since we can upload the original videos using OneDrive to SP and then link them to Stream. I found 2 other ideas that remotely resemble this idea:



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Status changed to: In the plans

The plan for new stream is to be much more tightly integrated with ODSP (one drive/sharepoint). This should be implemented once Stream has been converted over to Sharepoint.

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I just want to upvote and comment that this feature is really needed now that Teams videos are no longer automatically added to Stream. While I understand the reasons for this, there really needs to be a way to restore the functionality Teams once had other than by simply downloading the videos from SharePoint and uploading them on Stream...

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Upvoting for this. It would be great to have this feature implemented so it would be easier to access and add media that are stored in sharepoint/OneDrive site into Streams. 

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Upvoting. This would be a great help since transcripts are available in Stream and not in Sharepoint

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I also would like to upvote this enhancement.