Stream trial license circumvents Stream app security for UserType "Guest" users (State 4)

Stream trial license circumvents Stream app security for UserType "Guest" users (State 4)



 Aug 03 2018
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Consider this scenario:


We allocate subcontractors an Office 365 Enterprise E3 license with only Exchange Online enabled.  Subcontractors are granted access to content on an an-needed basis and are not considered employees.  Subcontractors Azure AD identities are assigned the "Guest" UserType.


The subcontractor successfully authenticates to Office 365 by visiting and then visits by typing the URL into the browser's address bar.  A Stream Trial License is then automatically assigned outside of Enterprise E3 license and the service is provisioned to give access to the subcontractor.  After a few minutes, the subcontractor is able to see all internal video content that is not meant for a "Guest" UserType.  This circumvents guest controls which to my understanding is currently not possible (


We have been using Stream with the understanding that Guest Users are not able to get access and that the appropriate controls to limit access will be introduced when anonymous/guest access is made available.


Can you comment on this?  How do you limit "Even though as an admin you might have removed Microsoft Stream license from a user, they have the option to sign-up via a free trial and get access to your organization's stream portal." to UserType "Members" and not "UserType "Guests"?

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