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Sort videos by name



 Jul 26 2017
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Not having the option to sort uploaded videos by name is a massive drawback. I can't believe that it's not even available. It's a pain in the neck when browsing more than 3 or 4 videos, and it's a much bigger problem when creating channels. 

I believe sorting by name should be the default option. For my purposes - creating channels of sequential training and educational videos - the other sort options are mostly useless. 

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It would be quite nice to sort videos in alphabetical order. Makes life a bit easier to find or broswe videos

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Agreed. This is similar to the ordered playlist idea ( so please add your support there.

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Very similar to this idea ( Even better would be an ordered playlist so we don't have to rely on the name of the video to put it in the proper order.

Please add your support to the ordered playlist idea as well (

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We are creating large libraries of training material and these definetly need to be sorted alphabetically within a channel or have another process for displaying a fixed order for the videos. 


Why is it not possible to organize videos inside a Group Channel alphabetically?  They currently seem to be randomly organized.  When something is not easy for team members to use, it won't get used.  

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The lack of this is killing me!


Thanks for the comments.  Agree that lack of sort by name is a huge issue with numbered videos (like training videos).

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Agree.  Please add an option to sort by name in the Sort by pull down.  This should be a simple solution to implement that would provide significant value to content that would benefit from being watched in a certain order.


I agree, I am adding a lot of videos to Channels & would be great to sort by name

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Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.10.16 PM.png


We really needs this feature.  Please add soon!!!!!!

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I had to delete the Stream channel since it doesn't make sense to have a list of video not ordered adequately. I'm using a Sharepoint folder. Maybe next time.

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Yep, I elected to pull Stream as well.  There's so much potential with this product but none of the basic needs are met. 


  • I can't publish a playlist for a series of videos, channel, or group - "go to the Training 101 channel and watch the 10 training videos in order" -- I'd love to be able to say that
  • Can't sort on....... name........ I could deal with the no playlist issue but how their no name sort?  And if it does get implemented, I sure hope we have the option to make it default for all users.  At least this way we could sort of have a playlist
  • Literally within 60 seconds of showing Stream, someone asked, "I can download these and watch them later, right?"  Nope....... 


How does one get around this???????


Create a sharepoint list and fill in Title, URL, create a column called Order or DisplayOrder, fill in the info for each video, etc.  You can see where it's going.  You could even expand and add Groups and Channels, etc.  That said, it's frustrating that basic functionality is missing.  I'm not trying to negative here at all, as I'm a massive cheerleader for O365, but there's some definitive missed missed here.

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Why isn't there any attention to this from Microsoft Stream team? That's really basic and a disadvantage in comparison to competitors

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I have reviewed Stream as a replacement and more feature rich solution to using the asset library app in SharePoint for organising video content for training courses.


Each video title is prefixed with a unique number sequence, aligned to a syllabus ID, and the content is designed to be viewed in order of the syllabus.


Not being able to sort by name with a large video collection means everything has to be manually searched and no control is available over sequencing of the videos.  Whilst Stream has some great features, this fundamental issue means that it will not work for my organisation in its current form.


I will check back periodically for any updates from the product team but, looking at the history of this thread, will not hold my breath.

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I just gave up implementing Streams on our Teams.


Tried everything I could think of, even deleted all videos and uploaded one by one in order to try to keep them listed how I want, but Streams is so stubborn that it ends up shuffling them anyway, and it breaks the whole purpose of using that tool. I am quite disappointed as it would be a very nice tool to add if it would have the most basic feature of any software ever designed, baffling that we can't sort by alphabetical order, even more that it was reported for so long and Microsoft doesn't care at all.


So congrats on creating a nice tool that will probably never be used by anyone.


So now i am looking for a workaround, does anyone know how to add sharepoint videos to Teams?


In Sharepoint the videos are properly listed:




And this is how Streams lists the same videos:




I have much trouble understanding the logic behind Streams, it is completely messed up, I simply deleted channel and all videos from Streams and am now looking on how to put the Sharepoint ones instead.


Anyone knows how I can do it? Google doesn't understand what I ask of him or I am using wrong search syntax.


Thank you.

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I found how to do it, actually managed to embed videos on Teams from Sharepoint.


Which now makes Streams double useless.



Impressive how the lack of a very basic feature can make people completely drop interest in the software.


I can't help but feel sorry for the developers of the Streams software, they basically worked for nothing since the app is useless.

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I would love to see how @RodRod or anyone used Sharepoint to make videos easily available. I am NOT interested in continuing with Stream as it seems like a hacked together solution just do Microsoft can say they offer a video platform like Vimeo or YouTube. I opened a ticket to complain about some of the poor features, like not being able to sort by name.


So, if you figured out how to leverage Sharepoint for videos where they can be played, so people do not have to download the video, that would be awesome.


I heard from someone I work with that someone else used OneDrive with Sharepoint to make videos available, but I suspect that the end-user would then need some type of video player loaded. I am hoping to find a way to allow the end-user to simply click the video to play it via a web-based portal, which may not be possible with any Microsoft services (besides the horrible Stream service).




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@WintelRob I should have said how I did, it bothers me much when people say "I found the solution" then don't say how, and I just did the same :\


Anyway, in Teams I created a new tab in the group, then selected the Sharepoint app, it creates a brand new sharepoint page (at least with me it did, didn't let me chose an already existing sharepoint), then I went to that sharepoint "home" page and edited the page to include a web part, in that web part I put the videos.


I could swear that at first try it opened the video inside Teams, then I changed some things in the sharepoint and now when we click on the video in Teams it opens the video on the sharepoint webpage, I would have preffered it opening inside Teams, but at least I can sort them how I want, so if I have to chose doing tricks and opening videos outside of Teams just so I can have them sorted how I want, then so be it, not very efficient and logic but at least it works.


If you know someone that can guide you in putting them from OneDrive, from what I could understand, OneDrive and Sharepoint work the same way, as long as the video is in a web format it will play straight from the browser, or maybe from Teams if you are luckier than me.

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Thanks, @RodRod !!


I will give that a shot. At least with a Sharepoint page (in Teams) you can sort by name as well as use proper security (and inheritance) settings for groups, unlike with Stream.



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We use other tools such as SharePoint and Confluence for documentation and adding the embedded video works very well. The "Embed" option is under Share when selecting a video.




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The fact that we can't sort alphabetically is crazy... This is standard on most sites.


This should be a simple enhancement.  Why is it taking so long?

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Hi Microsoft


This issue is causing me massive problems.  We migrated all our videos onto Stream from SharePoint libraries which was a significant time undertaking.


I have two real issues with Stream:


1.  The lack of being able to sort videos alphabetically/date/size or any combination of these is problematic.  I also upload multiple videos into a channel but need a coherent order for these to appear otherwise learners are having to jump back and forth - net result is low engagement.


2.  The ability for users to download the videos from Stream (which is available under your Video app).  My global teams need to be able to download content from Stream and share it with our clients and this is impeding our ability to do business.


An additional feature which would be great would be the ability to stream video content externally.  We currently need to host external videos in an Azure bucket and it would be simpler for me to manage my video libraries in one location - this would make reporting and analytics a lot simpler.


Please can you advise if any of these are currently on the dev roadmap?

If not, like a lot of other posters on this thread, I will be forced to revert to an alternative video hosting solution.


Thank you!

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I just have to say that Stream really is a garbage tool in the current state.  I'm a massive M$ fan and get a ton of grief for cutting them slack on everything, so for me to say that, well, it means I really must have issues with something.


Basically, for most people/companies, Stream serves the purpose of being a Youtube-like area for videos.  MOST companies aren't streaming and doing recordings all the time.  They want a place to store a variety of content, news, you name it.  To that effect, you would think some basic management of sorting by date, filtering, etc, would be possible, both from an admin and personal perspective.  And, of course, being able to download the video for offline use as well is key.

As a consultant, I can tell you that 100% of people/companies I talk to about Stream (that know about it) do not use it because they can't do what they want with it.  When I say that, it's always a basic need that has them completely stopped in their tracks.  How do you combat that?  

I'm just baffled by how many basic functions are left out of Stream.

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Hard to imagine that the option to sort by name isn't available. Not sure how that slips by UI review. Can we get this done ASAP please? Really limits the usability to not have this simple UI-101 feature.


This is something that someone had first posted in 2017 but figured that I would throw it back out there. The ability to sort videos by name would be extremely helpful as we set-up training channels consisting of a lot of videos. This is something that a lot of users have posted as wanting but I have not seen anything from Microsoft saying either why this isn’t possible or why they won’t put this into effect.


Could someone please look into this or at least let us know what it isn’t a possibility?


Thank you!


Only methods I have seen to do this is to either use groups or use trending...

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It has been nearly two years since this feature was requested and sorting by name is still missing from MS Stream. We haven't even gotten a message letting us know it's coming.  It would appear that whatever development team (if there even is one) responsible for this product has completely dropped the ball. 


Sorting by name is such a basic feature on any product that has listing capabilities, and if such a simple thing (that should have been included in the first version) cannot be implemented in the span of two years, how are we supposed to have faith that our feature requests are even being seen and acted upon?


MS Stream has such promise and further development appears to be on hold, so I'm going to have to look for a comparable product, if it even exists.

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Yes, not being able to sort videos by title is not very user friendly. Especially when your video is divided into multiple parts. They are displayed in a seemingly random order :(