Revamp Stream Share/Permissions Functionality

Revamp Stream Share/Permissions Functionality



 Jun 18 2020
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The Share button and dialog just sends a link and doesn't change the actual permissions of the video so that the recipients can see it. This is a legacy behavior and doesn't represent the new behavior of other Office 365 services like OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Teams. If the owner's intent was to share the file to someone without permissions, the permissions should follow. Closely aligning Stream's Share functionality with OneDrive's behavior would be a lot easier on your end users and for them to understand.


The Permissions dialog in a video (if you can find it) needs to be made more clear. "Update video details" and "Add to group/channel" doesn't give me much clue that I am going to be managing the permissions of the video. Closely aligning Stream's Permissions functionality with OneDrive's behavior would be a lot easier on your end users and for them to understand.

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Completely agree with @petersonjdNIH .  The permissions controls are poorly named and hard to find.  The documentation for sharing Stream videos references a "permissions tab" that does not seem to exist.  If it does a screenshot would be helpful.  It's also odd, I think, that of all the O365 apps that might be eligible for sharing, only Yammer is listed.  I'm sure there's a reason, but it's jarring to expect a list of choices and only see Yammer.

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Thanks @petersonjdNIH and @pkenney.


Joel, to your point, we've recently announced New Stream, in which storage and permissioning will be provided by OneDrive and SharePoint (ODSP), so you'll see exactly the model you're requesting. You can test it out today by opting into phase 1 of New Stream, with auto-uploads of Teams Meeting Recordings to ODSP.


Patrick, I see what you mean about the Permissions tab. I think that is specifically what you might see during upload a video, such as you see in the Sharing with screenshot in this help doc. Since permissions are not on a tab in some workflows, we should update the text and add one or more screenshots there.


To both of your points, we'll also look at other ways we can add clarity around sharing and permissions.

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Thanks much @ChrisKnowlton. NIH is in GCC though, so I think it'll be a while? :flushed:


@petersonjdNIH - we're working on the GCC timing this week, so hope to be able to share an ETA soon.