"Transcript edit" mode

"Transcript edit" mode



 Jan 13 2020
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When editing a transcript - it is quite jumpy. If there were an [ ] edit-transcript mode  - clicking on a section of text would auto-seek to that text and the playback function would play just that section of text (And not continue to play- repeat by pressing play again). In this mode the text could be refined - And report back to the speech-to-text interpreters "Do you want to report training blew be as 'Bluebeam'?"


Right now the editor jumps and skips and is a PITA.


I agree absolutely!  I love the captioning feature and am recommending it across our organization. But the editing tool is pretty clunky. A mode such as Apssis0215 described, in which you could move smoothly from block to block, without having to save each time you move, would be a huge help. 

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