Only record a specific quadrant or camera feed

Only record a specific quadrant or camera feed



 Jul 22 2020
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We often feed Teams from a video mixing desk in an amphitheater.  Remote attendees are instructed to "Pin" the feed from the booth to watch the presenter in full-screen on their end.


It would be nice to be able to pin the presenter in full-screen for the recording that we share afterward from Microsoft Streams, but my feed always just takes up a single quadrant, despite hundred of people on the call pinning me.  I cannot figure out how to pin myself on my own connection.


In Skype for Business, this was easily accomplished by "locking the spotlight" on my feed from the booth.  According to this post, this feature was getting implemented, but it's been nearly two years since it was promised.  In the meantime, every time we record a meeting, 75% of the video is wasted space, featuring the initials of people with their camera off.  


How can I pin a presenter for the Teams recording?

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@BradleyProv - Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, what gets recorded is controlled by the Teams team. I think this is the idea that you'll want to upvote on the Teams feedback site: