Grouping of videos within a channel

Grouping of videos within a channel



 Jan 29 2019
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It would be fantastic if there were a way to group related videos within a Stream channel. i.e. I have a channel that contains videos related to purchasing at my organisation, it would be great to group so that ones related to receipting could be together, or reporting together, or charging together etc... 

Currently it just displays a big list and can be difficult for people to locate the correct video, via browsing.

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Hi @Deleted 


If this is for personal reference, you can achieve this requirement by using the ‘Watchlist’ feature. Video grouped into a Watchlist is only visible to you.


If you want to thoe group related videos and share it with others in the organisation, I recommend to use a SharePoint Modern page and use the embed Stream video webpart to add the videos to the page. You will need one webpart per video. 


I am with you on the requirement to group related videos into a playlist and share it with others.


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