Enable Video Playback Loop

Enable Video Playback Loop



 Jan 04 2019
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We would like to use Microsoft Stream to host our how-to production videos but need the ability to have one video loop continuously until stopped. 


This could also be used for digital signage if you could create a playlist and have it loop. 



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Love to see that to steam to 3 TVs for staff.

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I am driving user adoption through Customer Success within my organization.  I love what Microsoft Teams is doing.  The addition of Stream is huge.  I use Teams both as a "communication hub" and collaboration vehicle to deliver value within our organization.  I've set up a Team to educate users on the power and possibilities of teams, and as I conduct training sessions, lunch and learns, and other forums for educating on Teams the ability to have a video that loops in a tab as students/attendees/employees are trickling in on a session would be very beneficial and powerful.  I would love to see this feature on the roadmap if it is not already.  Thank you for your consideration.

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Agree with the Loop requirement. It seems a simple feature that would enhance playback of videos continuously.

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We also produce production instructional videos and wish to have them loop from Microsoft Stream.

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I agree, would be really cool

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Also to have it move from one video to the next automatically and continue the playlist in a continual loop would be a HUGE thing for us.  

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We would love to be able to loop echocardiogram videos for our teaching files



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I teach animation and use teams to view workk in progress. This naturally involves watching the same small clip countless times. Having a loop view will be very useful and save me from developing an arthritic finger

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Would love to see the ability in MS Stream.


I agree, the ability to loop a video is foundational to any video hosting service.  I'm surprised this doesn't already exist.

+1 on this