Delve Connection to Stream

Delve Connection to Stream



 Jun 20 2017
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I would like to be able to see all stream videos in Delve. It would be very convenient for a new employee to find all documents, videos and Office Mixes that all have the same hashtag in the description.


Another good example would be seeing a form you need to fill out and the video explaining how to fill out the form showing up when you search for the form.

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Great idea...I would like to see Delve as a hub for information as roll out Office 365 in the enterprise. It is easy to send new users to one-top shopping for all info.

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I totally agree that Stream Videos should be included as a result in Delve.  When thinking about search, please don't limit the search to the video's title and description - also include the transcriptions like Stream's own search tool. 


As with most companies, much of the new information we are creating today is coming from recorded meetings, demonstrations, webinars, and pre-recorded sessions - not the written reports and guides of the past that were soooo time-consuming to develop.  We've moved a few videos from YouTube and Office 365 video and provided instructions on how to use the Stream search tool to find content in transcriptions to staff.  


Searching the transcriptions is an amazing feature - it's just a shame that you have to use two separate Office 365 sites to search for content which could be in written report or in a posted video.


Just pushing this up - any news here?


This is very interesting, I'm using Delve Boards as a catalogue for a project and Stream videos are missing.


I hope to view this before three years more :grinning_face_with_sweat:

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