APIs for Stream

APIs for Stream



 Jun 20 2017
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As mentionned by another user,

And you guys mentionned to put it here.


It would be nice to have API documentation to play with the preview. I'd like to see if we could integrate it in our companies products and projects.

The general idea is to be able to play videos and channels on a communications platform and not just via a browser.


 waiting for API's. 

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still waiting for an API!!! 18 months later and no answer?!?

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Make API available for subtitle which is used in Video and search api for transcript, all video api or selected video details and so on.

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Would love to see an API available soon please.


C’mon MS! Q4 2020 to receive an API?!?


We need more delivered faster to be able to use Stream as a corporate video solution channel. 

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Yeah this is becoming like a bad joke! we want to use this service! give us at least the GET commands, we can wait for the POST and other interactions.

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Any news on this simple matter's and most vital need to integrate stream to O365 and Teams, asked for almost 3 years ?


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Is the API available now?


Hello, do we have any news on the API for Stream? Thanks!

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I'm working on a large multi national enterprise project that would really benefit from this. We'd really like to be able to serve content stored from Streams via API.


As mentioned earlier, even GET would be a great start.

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We just need the transcript for analysis. I'm pretty sure an API was in your backlog a few years ago. I don't see it in your current roadmap. Just any response to this thread would be nice.