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 Jun 20 2017
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A Microsoft Stream app for Android devices

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This will allow users to cerate contnet on the go and upload via the app instead of having to log on to a website that might or might not be know to the user at the time.


Yes, please!  I just spoke to some of my customers today who had a great use case for mobile video consumption.  Their team has a mix of Android and iOS devices.  They would likely have a link to the video from an email sent to their mobile Outlook, but could be links in Teams or Yammer.  I'd love for them to be able to tap those links and watch the videos in an app instead of it launching in the Intune managed browser.  Browsing through channels and mobile uploads would be great, too!

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Definitely - would allow us to tell staff to share video straight to the stream app from their mobile devices and then share from there to the company.

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Great news!  Thanks for the update, @Amit Rajput



I'm excited to share that we will open an external customer private preview of the Microsoft Stream mobile apps for iOS and Android in several weeks. The apps enable the content on-the-go scenario including support for offline viewing. If you have Stream customers who may be interested in beta testing the apps and sharing their feedback, please have them fill out the form, link below and we will onboard them to our app flighting program:


Please make this happen.  As we are publishing more and more content to Stream, ability to watch on mobile, download (securely) onto my (Intune managed) mobile for offline viewing (airplanes & traveling)..  would be HUGE!  I would be able to catch up with SO much stuff I miss these days.



Hi Orrin -- thanks for the feedback. The mobile apps are currently in-progress. If you organization would like to give them a test drive fill out our contact submission form to access our beta:





Microsoft Stream TechCommunity,


The Microsoft Stream mobile app for Android is now available publicly in the Play Store!


With the Microsoft Stream mobile app you can:
- Find and engage with videos you need fast with smart search tools
- Watch videos at your own convenience by saving content for offline viewing
- Enjoy the best experience for consuming Stream videos by deep-linking into the app
- Get the enterprise-level security and compliance features you expect from Office 365


The iOS mobile app will be available in a several weeks (it's in Apple review).


Later this year, we plan to add support for upload support in the mobile apps. If you you'd like early access to new features in the mobile apps, join our beta program, by completing our contact submission form.



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Both the Android and the iOS Microsoft Stream mobile app are available to be downloaded from the Google and Apple stores.


For more information and links to the apps see this help article:

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