Allow the "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" option to be DISABLED by default

Allow the "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" option to be DISABLED by default



 Jan 11 2018
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Please allow tenants to make the "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" option to be disabled by default when users first upload a video. Currently, it requires the user knowing to first click the 'Permissions' dropdown at the bottom, then unchecking the box -- before clicking Publish. It seems unnecessarily hidden.


I understand the desire to make everything shareable and viral and whatnot, but there are plenty of cases where this is a very bad idea and burying the option is no help. Disabling companywide by default would also ensure that a user has to explicitly make and save that choice for something to be visible to everyone.



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Yes a easy admin option to turn this default on or off.


Its to easy to share with to many. It need to be a conscious decision.

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Yes, we would also like this implemented. The default should be off for this option, not on, and ideally, an organization should be able to set the default.



There is a setting to restrict users to create companywide channels and that's fine. But while uploading videos, users can still share their videos companywide. 



I think, while enabling "Restrict companywide channel creation" setting,  it should also restrict users to share their videos companywide. But that's not the case. It would be good to have:


1. A tenant wide setting to restrict users to share their videos companywide


2. While enabling "restrict companywide channel creation" it should also restrict users to share their videos companywide. 




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Totally this is preventing a wider rollout of Stream for me




80% of the time, majority of users dont set org permissions correctly and people are left scrambling to find the owner to get access. :(

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The way it works right now is that it's kind of the wild west and anyone can post anything anywhere. There's no control. 


We can restrict who can upload in general, but that breaks Teams meetings recordings. We have our admin level setting so that the allow the who company options is unticked by default, but there's nothing stopping the user from ticking it and making it viewable to the whole company.


We have one user that has upload literally hundreds of videos and just ticket the box for whole company access, just because it was easier to that than to only allow specific people and groups to view it.

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I just had to audit a bunch a videos due to employees being able to watch a video that they shouldn't have been able to see.  I would like to see it where only specified users could even select the Allow everyone in your company to view this video.


For what it's worth, this has actually been 'addressed' recently in the Stream Admin settings. I don't know exactly when it happened -- no announcement I saw anywhere -- but I found it when digging around again. Steps and screenshot below:


  1. Go to Stream
  2. Click gear icon in upper right
  3. Click 'Admin settings' in right panel
  4. Click 'Content Creation' from left panel
  5. Click the dropdown under 'Default video permissions' to change to 'Specific groups or people'
    1. This change means for new video uploads, 'everyone in company' is unselected and the 'Share with' dropdown defaults to 'Specific groups...' -- but no selection is made by default, so the result is effectively the same as saying, 'just the uploader'.



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Cool! Thanx for the hint, @Bill Blais ! I have this Option in my tenant to and switched to "Specific groups and people".


Glad to help @Tomislav Karafilov . Frustrated I had to just stumble upon it, but ah well...

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@Bill BlaisThe same happened to me today with the Microsoft Stream integrated video editor! I am checking the Microsoft Stream version number every day since the announcement and looking for the video editor and the meetings tab. No change of the version number - still version 1.0.1835.4. But now with video editor ;-)! Love it!


@Bill BlaisIf your idea is successfully implemented, it could get a new status. What do you mean? Fullfilled?




@Tomislav Karafilov By video editor, do you mean the 'Trim' function? (This just appeared for us today -- wasn't there yesterday).


Also, I'm a little confused by your second statement. Could you explain?

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@Bill BlaisYes, I mean the video trim function.


Here we are in the user voice of Microsoft Stream - the Microsoft Stream ideas. The status of your idea is still "New". This board has the following states:

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If your idea from 01-11-2018 is implemented and you are satisfied (so I understood your post by Wednesday), then the status of the idea can be set from "New" to "Completed".
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In our community, teachers record videos to Teams. The recorded video is automatically uploaded to the Stream. In our streaming settings, "Anyone At Company Can See" settings are selected, but videos from Teams are always private for some reason. We are a university and all videos of the educators should be available to the whole organization, and this should be automatic. In order to open the videos to the public, each video owner must open their videos to Share on Stream one by one.


How can we change this, we can not find any spesification about this on Teams Settings. 
Can someone help us?

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