Allow export of transcript in MS Word format

Allow export of transcript in MS Word format



 Jun 18 2018
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In Microsoft Stream, I would like to have the ability to export the transcript in an MS Word format. 


The current format does not allow for you to get the full text of the video in one document.

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Vital for business communicators. Come on MS. This is pretty obvious and would be a major plus point. Thank you in advance.

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Just started the free trial, and the ability to send to OneNote is very lacking, and only includes a portion of the transcript.  If (hopefully when) they enhance the export transcript feature it might include some options:

  • As displayed in Transcript Window (including time stamps)
  • without timestamps
  • without timestamps more paragraph/ sentence like
  • choice to send to OneNote, Word, etc.

Another consideration to think about is enhancing the edit transcript feature to allow for more detailed options for transcription services to use.

Finally, it would be nice to be able to import a .mp3 with a customizable slate (again, more along the line for a transcription service).

I think everyone would agree that AI has come a long way in recognizing words, but that there still needs to be some human intervention to correct the nuances at this time.




Please add the ability to download the full transcript of videos.


by being able to download the transcript of a call, it will make it easier to take notes and summaries the calls

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I think the transcription feature of Stream works great. I find them to be very accurate. I also like the search feature for easily finding key words in an hour long consumer research discussion. What I would really like to see from Microsoft is a printed transcript that is usable as an actual transcription. The closed caption .vtt is useless the way it prints. Also, is there any thought of rudimentary video editing in Stream. It would be great to be able to create a short clip from long video and use it in a PP presentation.

Yes, would be useful when working with people that prefer writing then audio.

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The ability to download a transcript of a video would make it possible for people to simply record a draft of their video and then use the transcript mechanism to create a script.  They would then edit that script in Word to tighten it up and then re-record the video.  Simplifies the workflow.

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Agree with the comments shared here.  A must have to allow for the value of recorded conversations to be effectively distributed via user's needs.  There are other threads where this same feature is being requested.  Recommend running an analytic process against your data and get a true picture of the demand - for prioritization.


As a workaround you can download the auto-generated VTT transcript file from Stream and then run it through this little web utility which pulls out just the transcript text from the file (removing the time codes, metadata, and blank lines).


The web utility is just a quick workaround, keep voting on this item if you want us to add this feature to Stream.

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The ability to download the transcript is a request I continue to receive.
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@Marc Mroz- Thank you for the link. That is helpful, I have up-voted this item as I too and several of my coworkers would find this very helpful if we could download the transcript less the metadata. Having the option to access plain sentence style transcripts and easily download them would be an amazing feature enhancement. I know that others are requesting a word document, but I would be happy with plain text, if it meant getting the feature out faster, as I can easily cut and paste into a word document. ;)   Additionally, it would be very helpful if the option to download the full plain transcript could be granted by the owner or admins to non-owners.

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Hello Everyone, 


Can I download the transcript of a video I don't own or have Admin rights to?


After I click the three dots at the bottom of the video (next to the "Liked" button) the only choice is:


* Linked groups/channels


I don't see how to download the transcript. Any advice?





Come on people we need this to be easily exported to Word & OneNote!

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I had resisted using streams, but finally gave in and it's pretty good. Not having an easier way to download a plaintext transcript seems like an oversight. (and getting to the VTT download isn't a great flow.. never would have known any of that was there without googling)


The VTT cleaner posted above helps, but really seems like something that should be built in and not burried.

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Add me to the many who have asked for the ability to download the CC caption transcript.

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So far the very first question from everyone when showing this tool off. Then disappointment. :)


Come on #StreamTeam one click and export would go MILES! :)

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I am sure it is technically possible. I assume they are looking for a way to monetize it.

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Stream needs both full text transcript (just translated text, no additional metadata) AND an option for a caption export with proper time/text formatting - without the extra NOTE references. These appear to be related to machine translation accuracy? Who  knows? They are, in any case, of no value for sending to translation agencies for uploading multiple language files. Both of these should be native options in a product of this stature.
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If this is about MONEY, then why not just offer a PREMIUM service for Microsoft STREAM users?


I would pay for this service IF the fees are reasonable.


If MSFT doesn't fix this problem SOON, the company may miss out on yet another opportunity to advance its business (much like they missed the transition from the desktop to the internet and have been trying to catch up to Google and Amazon in web services) and companies like ZOOM, who is now LEADING the video conferencing standards battle, will eat Microsoft's lunch!!


Maybe we need to wake Bill Gates up out of his comfy retirement slumber and get him back writing code to fix this?  Is there no one else at MSFT who knows how to overcome whatever technical hurdles are keeping this from being resolved?


My guess is that if there is a current workaround ( ), Microsoft should be able to incorporate this into the Microsoft STREAM platform.


What am I missing here?  All you propheads, please enlighten me.



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@Marc Mroz  Please add the clean up utility back to the stream documents page in Microsoft;


Getting a 404 Page not found error.

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I second LoriBartletts request, as I had been using this utility all week to transcribe student assessments.  I have been using happyscribe in the meantime. Many thanks.

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I don't feel anyone is listening.

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Thanks aliciaparkes. Will test that out once Microsoft Teams transcription starts working again.

Thanks for those who have posted workarounds.  Such an obvious function to miss MS.  Please can we have downloadable transcripts with timestamps into a printable format; exporting to Word  would be a start! 


For those looking for the cleaner at, please note that it has moved to but the best link to use is the abstract short link (in case it gets moved again)

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Thank you for sending updated links! I was really missing the VTT Cleaner.

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...and when all else failed, copy/paste as text worked. not elegant but allowed easier notes. 

Status changed to: Under review

Thank you all for the passionate feedback! As we move to New Stream, we are considering how best to enable this. Please stay tuned...

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It would be SO helpful if there was an option to download or even just copy and paste the entire transcript in one go. I've tried the VTT cleaner but my problem is, it asks for a VTT file and I can only download the video in either MP4 or 'all files' so then when I select in on the VTT cleaner, nothing happens. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong or how to sort it please. At the moment, I have an extremely long transcript that I have to copy and paste a few lines at a time...…