Add Microsoft Stream to Microsoft Forms

Add Microsoft Stream to Microsoft Forms



 Jul 10 2018
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If you can create channels with videos, why not connect to a Microsoft Form, embed the Stream in the form and then we can create quizzes, feedback etc relating to the videos and tie the two services together.

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Doesn't anyone at Microsoft think this is a good idea?  Come On, if you can add YouTube videos to Microsoft Forms, you should be able to add Microsoft Stream Videos to Microsoft Forms!  If the reason is that some forms are public then limit Stream to forms within organization!


Yes! This is absolutely on the roadmap and we are working with the Microsoft Forms team to make this happen. @Zhongzhong Li as FYI.

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@Archana Nair, Thanks for this!  Can't wait until the two are connected.  I like that you can add a Form to a Streams video and it'd be nice to have Stream videos to Forms!

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Status changed to: Completed

Here's some good news - adding Microsoft Stream videos to Microsoft Forms was added in November 2019.