Will O365 videos migrated to Stream be transcribed?

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I found the following in a Sept. 2019 article and would like to verify that it is correct: "Stream does not generate automatic captions and transcripts for migrated videos, but it does perform face matching to generate a timeline." If this IS correct, is there any way to generate transcripts for migrated O365 videos?

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@Lisa Proctor  - That is correct. Transcripts and closed captions will not be auto generated for videos migrated from O365 Video to Stream.


After you are live on Stream you can go into a video and set the "Video language" and check the "Autogenerate a caption file" and it should generate a caption / transcript then.


There isn't a way to do this in bulk however in Stream, so you'll have to manually update migrated videos that you want to get transcripts for.

@Marc Mroz thank you so much for your reply!  Cheers, LP