Why some video has no transcript & closed captions


Hi guys,

My mother language is not English, so preferred videos with caption/transcript, but I found some Stream video go with them while others not. Like this one:


Could anyone tell me why, the captions were generated automatically when being uploaded.  Is it possible to open these features?


Thanks in advance.


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Caption & transcript to the videos must be done individually for each video . I never seeon an option at the admin level.

Please refer below article for enabling caption/transcript.

Hope this helps
Thanks Thuyavan,

SO you mean the original submitter didn't check the generate captions button, then is there any solutions to generate it, like download and upload again?

Yes you are right.

Hope this helps! 

But the problem is I can't download, I'm not the submitter/uploader.
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In order to download a video from stream, the video must be added to the group or channel by the submitter and the submitter must make you as owner . if you have "Display " rights you can only view and cant download .



The videos are uploaded by "Learning Media", can't find contact person, and even I found, I doubt they can grant me as the owner.  

I dont think you would be able to get it then :)