Who can upload videos in groups

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I tested some of the scenarios on this page https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/groups-channels-organization


What it doesn't explain is that the only users who can upload or create channels are the ones that are in Admin settings > Content creation > Unrestricted users OR All users are currently allowed to upload and create.


We would like to achieve the following:

- A public group for HR, with only users A, B, C who can upload

- A public group for Training only with users D, E who can upload

- A public group for Event 1 with all users who can upload


To set it up, we have to allow all users to upload and create channels.

This means that any user will be able to upload a video or create a channel outside of those public groups. In consequence, we won't have control over who can upload videos and start a new public channel.


Did I understand it right? If this is true, could you please share how you implemented the governance of videos in your company?


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You do have it correct.

We are in the process right now of doing the development to split that admin setting so there will be 2 different settings. One for who can upload into Stream and one for who can create companywide channels. 


Are you okay with giving everyone in your organization the ability to upload as long as you can restrict who can make companywide channels?

We would like the ability to restrict who can create both companywide and group channels. We would also like to allow anyone to put a video in a channel in a a public group, it seems they have to join the group to access the channels in the group

Great. The possibility to restrict the creation of companywide channels will be useful. However it would be better to allow everyone to upload videos in certain groups only (public or private). Which means that we would encourage the upload of videos that are useful for teams of people and prevent the creation of a personal collection of videos. I have to think more about it.

Thanks, I am looking for the same thing. I want to have the option to disable creating company wide channels

We have the option to restrict companywide channels now:



And when we combine it with the option 'Allow all members to contribute' on or off:


It gives us 4 choices:

  • Private group where all members can upload videos.
  • Private group with desactivated 'Allow all members to contribute' where only owners can upload videos. Members can read.
  • Public group where everybody can upload videos.
  • Public group with desactivated 'Allow all members to contribute' where only owners can upload videos. Members can read.


Another good step forward in terms of controlling video within the organisation!