Where are the Enterprise Admin capabilities?

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I would expect to see some sort of enterprise admin caoabiliuties for stream but I can't find it - I'm a global admin role.


In there I'd expect to see setting for content moderation, approval, featured content and ranking, search settings, social tie ins to yammer, enterprise analytics, closed enterprise channels (invitation and private) and so on.

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Hi Vishal:

We are actively working on enabling enterprise admin capabilities including blocking stream (as requested by others too). We do have all these features in our roadmap but feel free to add specific ideas on and we are prioritizing based on customer asks. However, I would love to engage with you on understanding your scenarios in details.


If you want to reach me directly, feel free to drop me an email at ashishc microsoft com and we can connect offline.


Thanks for trying Microsoft Stream!



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Hi vishalseth,


New features have been announced regarding Microsoft Stream Enterprise Admin capabilities




These experiences are a direct result of the feedback you all have provided us as you use Microsoft Stream and that helped us guide our designs. In this release, we focus on the 4 core admin experiences ?
Assigning Stream Admins ? Starting today global tenant admins will be able to delegate admins for Microsoft Stream to manage the day to day operations.
Restricting Uploaders in Microsoft Stream ? Stream Admins can now allow only specific users or security groups to upload content.
Adding guidelines to Microsoft Stream and Employee Consent ? Stream Admins can now also add guidelines to company policies and these will be visible throughout the portal. In addition, admins can also require employees to agree to the company policies before uploading content.
Enabling Stream Admins to manage content ? Finally, Stream Admins get controls over both organizational and custom content to edit/delete the video and or video metadata, by entering admin mode.
Get Started
If you are a Stream Admin you can go to and try out the core experiences.


Please check the blog below for more details:Manage Microsoft Stream: Admin Capabilities


Hi Michael


We've just checked Stream in our tenant and none of these Admin features are appearing.


Is there some way we can check when these changes will be rolled out to us?



actually scratch that just got this figured out :)

I need the ability to transfer and change ownership of Streams. We have a math teacher who is retiring that just converted 115 Mixes of video tutorials to Stream. I would love the ability to change ownership to the new teacher globally, and not have to do it one by one as it appears now. If I am missing something please let me know how do to this.