What will happen when Comments are enabled by Admin ?

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My Admin has disabled comments on our Stream portal (tenant-wide settings).

What will happen to the videos already online if he modifies the setting to allow Comments ?


Will it be possible for any user to comment on any video already online ?

Or should the "owner" (the one who uploaded the video) also allow Comments in the settings of his video ?


Thanks for your answer.

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@Benoit_Luthers_MinfinI have done some tests in my tenant. The switches in the admin area and in the video properties are independant. The default value for the video properties comment switch is on. So disabling the comments in the admin area deacitivates all comment entry possiblities, but does not change the video properties. When you turn comment in a video off and you activate the admin switch, no comments can be entered for this video.

Hint: Already existing comments will be preserved and not deleted or hidden. You only can not enter new comments. In your example you do not have comments, so the section is empty.

@Tomislav KarafilovThanks a lot for your answer Tomislav !