Viewing Stream in Chrome vs IE

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Viewing my screen cast in chrome gives me a good bitrate from the start. Viewing the same video in IE gives me such a bad bitrate I cannot see the screen. I have tested this on multiple networks and computers with the same result. 


Does anyone have a fix to set the minimum bitrate so users can view the video in IE? 

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Is it Win7 + IE? That has to use our flash player which might have a slightly different heuristic for which bitrate to pick at the start.


We don't have a way to force this, you can add your votes/ideas on the ideas forum for this:

In general when using IE it depends on the operating system to see what technology will be used.  If using IE 11 on Windows 10, the technology will use HTML5 for adaptive bitrate playback; however when using Windows 7, it will use Flash.  This is because IE 11 on Windows 7 doesn't support the requirements for adaptive bitrate streaming via HTML5 built in so it requires a plugin for playback.  The flash tech starts out at the lowest bitrate and works its way up.