View permissions in Stream

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As a University our teachers make educational video's which they use for several years. The owner has to specifically set view permissions for each new class each semester or the new student can't view the video. Alternatively there is the option to make the video viewable for the whole university. Because a lot of teachers don't want to have their video public within the organization, we need an option to share a video with a link or embed code that bypasses the viewing permissions OR need an extra option when you choose to "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" to not have it appear in the Discover tab in Stream.


In short: YouTube has the option to set a video on private, hidden or public. We are missing the hidden option in Stream.


Does anyone have a solution for this problem?


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THIS! At the very least, give us folders that we can use for organization (and even applying permissions). I'm dreading next semester when faculty try to actually find those videos they need to update permissions for. They just have the one LONG list of videos they have to go through, and most of the time, their lecture names don't include course info, so there's six different "Lesson 1" videos from this semester.